Die Casting Defects

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These subjects are the ideal starting point for both technicians and managers who already have some experience in the Die Casting industry.

Each topic is covered in a great deal of detail which includes the generic root causes and the operational factors which contribute.

Die Casting Defects Analysis

AnalysisGraphic200This subject teaches how all Die Casting Defects can be classified into a small number of fundamental causes. From this understanding, the way to eliminate the defect will become much clearer to both individuals and the business as a whole. Technicians and Managers can use these ideas to establish corrective actions more quickly and more effectively. This subject uses a number of detailed case studies and supplies useful tools and references for tackling all types of Die Casting defects. It also provides detailed information about defects which emanate from two main causes: Malfunctions and Input Materials.

It is strongly recommended that this subject be completed before starting the other technician-level defects subjects because it introduces important aspects which are used in the other subjects.

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Process Parameter Defects

ParametersHeader200This subject introduces the fundamental reasons why typically only a small percentage of a production batch is classified as defective. When this is understood, a lot of the mystery of Die Casting defects can be eliminated.

How to quantify the occurrence and variation of defects and how to present and interpret the data is the first part of this subject. It investigates the occurrence and cause of dimensional defects in great detail and shows how small changes in the operational factors can change the defect percentage enormously.

It is recommended that this subject be completed before commencing Geometrical Defects, Cold Flow Defects or Porosity Defects as described below.


Cold Flow Defects

HeaderColdFlow200This subject will teach you how to measure and quantify cold flow defects, the basis of their generic root cause and how to find the specific root cause in a particular die.

It introduces a statistical approach, following the principles taught in the subject above, to better measure the effect of process changes.     

Understanding is reinforced by the extensive use of case studies and the presentation of actual data.                                                                     

Porosity Defects

PorosityHeaderImage06In this subject you will learn about all forms of porosity which can appear in Die Cast parts, their generic root causes, and how to use systematic methods and specific knowledge to eliminate the problems they create.



Geometrical Defects

Image.Geometrical02This subject extends on from Process Parameter Defects covering all aspects of dimensional defects including tooling construction and accuracy. Dimensional variation due to parting line shift, flash, moving slide cores and die distortion are discussed. Useful tools for assessing dimensional capability at the quotation stage are provided as part of the course materials.

This subject also covers warping, cracking and flash. It will teach you how to systematically investigate these issues, the generic root causes and how you should go about solving the problem.                                                                                                                          



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