Participating Companies

Companies02Any company who is involved with Die Casting can participate in The Die Cast Training Network.

Participation gives immediate access to the full range of training courses for the company’s employees.

These courses can be used to set up a new training program within a company or can be integrated into an existing company program. Utilising the Die Cast Training Network will save companies hundreds of hours of time in course preparation and planning. You simply go through the course list, select the subjects which will be of benefit to your business and enrol the students.

We have courses that are suitable for the full range of job categories in the Die Casting industry, including new recruits, machine operators, die setters, furnace attendants, supervisors, quality inspectors, production engineers, die designers, product designers and sales staff.

Companies03Benefits of a well trained workforce

Companies that increase the knowledge of their employees enjoy a number of industry advantages, including:

  • Better productivity
  • Less costly mistakes
  • Less waste of materials
  • Ability to take on more complex or difficult jobs
  • The confidence to invest in new machinery and technology

Benefits to employees


Employees appreciate working for a company that values the skill and knowledge of its workforce. They gain more confidence in their job and a closer affinity with the business.

A well trained employee is less likely to leave and look for another job if they know their employer is prepared to invest in their training.

Key Staff of the Future

The people who will be in the key roles of your business in the future are the ones being trained today. Everyone starts out as a novice. As time goes by, they get to know the company and its products and processes. If they are given the opportunity, they undergo training in the more technical aspects of the business.

Companies04The company then has a pool of talented staff which it can draw on to fill the key roles in the business as the needs arise. Companies are then less reliant on trying to recruit people from outside the business, who are unknown and who may not have been well trained.

How to participate

To participate in the network, or to find out more, just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Even if your company is not yet ready to enrol employees, email us and we can keep you informed of new developments.


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