The Die Cast Training Network is able to issue certificates to those people who have successfully completed a series of subjects provided by the Network.

These certificates are a record of the training that a person has completed, which forms an important part of the requirements for a number of important roles in the industry.


At the technician-level, the certificates are for:

  • Die Casting Production Technology
  • Die Casting Process Design
  • Die Casting Tooling Design

Certificates are not issued for individual subjects, but for a series of subjects which are relevant to the role. The certificate will however, list all the subjects which have been successfully completed.

The issuing of certificates entails the following:

  • review of all the subjects completed
  • review of the work history for all subjects
  • review of all assessments completed
  • establishment of additional assignments related to the application of the knowledge
  • evaluation of the additional assignments submitted
  • creation and delivery of the certificate

An additional fee, payable upon application for a certificate, will be required in order to cover the cost of the above activities.

These certificates can be used by both individuals and companies as a record of the training completed and the fundamental knowledge gained.

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