Course Materials

All of the courses offered by the Die Cast Training Network include an extensive set of supporting materials. All these materials can be accessed online, so all participants need to have access to an internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or others.

These materials vary from subject to subject, but they include both traditional resources and modern, state-of-the-art e-learning tools. These include:

Web pages with text and images

Videos, charts and diagrams
Online animations and simulations
Online surveys
Online quizzes and tests
Online feedback on progress
Hyperlinks to other websites

Continual Updating

Course materials are never fixed, never complete, never the same. We have an active, on-going program of updating subject content and materials to ensure that they reflect the reality of manufacturing plants around the world at any point in time. People attending the courses can also add to course content, make corrections, point out omissions and find other examples. Instructors review this input from participants, and, where appropriate, use it to update course materials. Because of this process, online courses are always dynamic and exciting.

Additional Materials

Course participants are also encouraged obtain and use additional materials from other sources. These include textbooks (both electronic and hard-copy), trade magazines, technical papers and conference materials.




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