Affiliates3The online training courses and subjects are maintained and delivered by The Die Cast Training Network, as a service to the international Die Casting industry.

Regional support for this training is provided through our network of affiliates. They are able to provide additional services, including: helping participants and companies, issuing locally recognised certificates, conducting local workshops and providing additional benefits to their members.

Affiliates are organisations with which the Die Cast Training Network has an on-going or reciprocal relationship in regard to training courses and participants.

Associations and Training Service Providers

There are many associations who have members in the Die Casting industry who want to be able to offer enhanced training opportunities. The Die Cast Training Network is the ideal partner with which to work. We help associations implement a training program and at the same time minimise duplication and maximise resources. All our courses are modular, so they can be easily integrated into a range of existing programs.

Colleges and Institutes

Many educational institutions have teaching programs in areas which are akin to Die Casting such as light alloys, foundry studies, metallurgy, materials science, design and computer aided engineering. An affiliation with the Die Cast Training Network is therefore a benefit to both the institute and the students.

How to become an Affiliate

If your organisation has an interest in becoming an Affiliate, contact us to express your interest. Email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Regional Affiliates


The Australian Die Casting Association die casting australia logo
The Die Casting Society of India
(An affiliate of the Indian Lead and Zinc Development Association)

Sungreen Maylasia
A training service provider

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Cast Metals Federation (UK) CMF Logo sml
Institute of Cast Metals Engineers (UK) icme logo 355x144 1
Foundry Training Services Limited (UK)
(A subsidiary of the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers)
 FTS logo High Res 150x150
The Diecasting Society (UK) DieSoc UK Logo


Contributing Organisations

The organisations below have assisted The Die Cast Training Network to establish the online training programs.

The CAST Cooperative Research Centre was a
collaboration between industry, universities and
research organisations whose objectives included new
business opportunities, improving productivity, reducing
environmental impacts and assisting companies to
maintain their global competitiveness.


The Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research
Organisation (CSIRO) has worked closely with industry
over many decades to improve the knowledge and
understanding of the Die Casting process and develop
innovative methodologies and standards.

Many of these applications of science to the Die Casting
process are explained in detail in the online subjects.

csiro logo

Sponsors and Affiliates

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