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Die Casting Technology for Managers

Subject Number DC3711

Die Casting Technology for Managers

This subject is for anyone who has management responsibilities in a Die Casting plant.

Whether you are a Supervisor, a Department Head, a Technical Manager or a Managing Director, you need to understand why Die Casting presents so many challenges.

  • Why do we make so many rejects?
  • Why do we continually miss production targets?
  • Why do we encounter so much tooling downtime? 

A major cause is the very nature of the process: high temperatures, high pressures, high velocities and large energy transfers.

These are the same factors that enable Die Casting to be such a fast production process. However, without adequate technical knowledge and understanding, Die Casting can make rejects faster than almost any other process.

The missing factor is knowledge. In too many plants, there is no understanding of what actually happens inside the die. People see metal going in, and castings coming out, but know very little about the physical transformations taking place inside. So most of the rejects have inadvertently been designed into the process by the people in the plant.

This subject shows how technical staff in the plant can be taught the fundamentals of the process, which will enable the problems on the factory floor to be eliminated.

Technician01Training Topics


The Process and the People

  • The Casting Family Tree
  • Why Die Casting is Different
  • Die Casting Rejects
  • Die Casting Job Roles
  • Die Casting Job Applicants

The Process and the Problems

  • Case Studies in Waste and Inefficiency
  • Technician02Runner Revelations
  • Re-melting Tons of Scrap
  • The Real Cause of Die Casting Rejects

A Better Way of Working

  • The 3 Pillars of Die Casting Design
  • The Power of Die Casting Process Design
  • Simulation Misconceptions
  • Stop Looking for a Silver Bullet

Technician03Developing a Professional Team

  • The Online Revolution
  • Training Your People
  • Overcoming Barriers
  • Implementation and Review
  • Customers and Suppliers
  • Costing and Quoting Die Cast Parts


  • Summary
  • Further Learning
  • Subject Feedback
  • Resources


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