Who should enroll?


Meet Ricardo, Production Operator

Ricardo started work in the press-shop of an automotive components supplier and now he works in the Die Casting department. He likes the work, but would like to know more about how the machines and equipment function. His goal is to become a production team leader. He believes that more training will help his prospects, and enable him to do a better job.

Ricardo will meet his aims by completing the Operator Level training courses for the Die Casting processes used in his plant. This will provide him with detailed background information in addition to the on-the-job training he receives at work.



Meet Craig, Production Technician

Craig now works for a specialist Die Casting plant and is responsible for trouble-shooting and process improvement. Craig commenced his career as an apprentice in the electrical controls industry, and since then he has worked in plant maintenance, machine upgrades and equipment installation. Craig recently attended a seminar on Die Casting which he found quite interesting and he is keen to learn more.

Craig will benefit greatly from all of the Technician-Level courses, by filling in knowledge gaps such as heat flow, fluid flow and basic casting calculations.

These courses have significant technical content in them, but the presentation makes it well within the grasp of people like Craig, with plenty of case studies and examples. This new knowledge will enable him to quickly get to the root cause of problems and enable him to become a fully trained Die Casting technician.


Meet Lyle, Product and Tool Designer

Lyle is a wiz with computers and loves his job with an engineering consulting company. Manipulating images in three dimensions is second nature to Lyle and he finds Finite Element Analysis fun.

He is now working on Die Cast parts and has to communicate closely with Project Engineers and Production Technicians.

Some die designs that he worked on recently, produced too many parts with defects, and he would like to find out why.

Lyle will find the technical subjects on Process Design and the prevention of Defects a great help to him in his work. He will quickly pick up on those aspects which are important to success in production and the course will also assist in his interaction with clients.



Meet Monica, Project Engineer

Monica works for a company that manufactures builder’s hardware, with a substantial Die Casting operation. When she was studying for her engineering degree, she had no idea that she would end up working in a factory, least of all in Die Casting, but she really enjoys the environment and the people she works with.

Monica has the theoretical foundation to do the job, but she needs to fast-track her knowledge of the technology of Die Casting. The Technician-level courses will enable her to do just that, and to make some real progress on her projects. She finds the job a bit overwhelming, but her boss knows she can do it if she has the right training.



Meet Royce, Plant Manager

Royce has extensive experience with a large company that has many different manufacturing sites. Royce has recently become the manager of a plant which includes Die Casting machines. Over recent years this division has not been performing well and Royce has been tasked with the responsibility of making it a first class operation.

Royce knows that this will be a big challenge. He knows very little about Die Casting and needs all the help he can get.

Royce should start by doing the series of technician-level courses on Die Casting Defects. This will give him a good grounding in the problems the plant has to deal with every day. He will learn about the root causes and how all of these problems can be solved with the right knowledge and management direction.

From there, he can pick out subjects in the Management-Level Course and do them on-line at his own pace. Understanding the key knowledge-gaps in the plant personnel will be the first step to getting the plant up to best practice in Die Casting.


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